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Free Conference Calling 24/09/2008

Posted by Antonio Vantaggiato in tools.

Two great free services I’m using to organize quick old-style conference calls (audio, phone-based calls). One has to pay only the US long-distance rate: if you call from a cellphone or Skype the call is likely free, gratis! When you register, you get a long-distance phone number that every party in the conference must call. Then you get an access code that everyone must enter. The organizer gets a special key to enable certain functions not available to other participants.

1) BV FreeConferencing

Our on-demand, free conference calling is available anytime—no advance notice or conference call details are required. This is truly a free conference calling service you can use from anywhere, anytime, featuring a 250-person capacity and up to six hours of conference time for each call.

2) Conferencias Instantáneas

Conferencias Instantáneas conecta a todas las personas que conciernen en una llamada segura y fiable. Esto es perfecto para negocios, clubes, reuniones de escuelas, y también para conectarse con amigos y con la familia…hasta 150 personas por 6 horas en una llamada.

Both work well, and both are essentially services for US-based callers.
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