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Los diez artículos más leídos en eLearn Magazine en el 2008 04/02/2009

Posted by Antonio Vantaggiato in e-learning.

Republico esta lista de los diez artículos más leídos del eLearn Magazine. Fue publicada por Lisa Neal en su blog The eLearn Blog. El pronombre “My” indica “de Lisa”, por supuesto.

1) Michelle Everson’s Group Discussion in Online Statistics Courses
2) Michael Feldstein and I wrote up work we had done for a consulting project in Designing Usable, Self-Paced e-Learning Courses: A Practical Guide
3) Roger Schank’s The Story-Centered Curriculum
4) Laurie Rowell’s feature article Can the “$100 Laptop” Change the World?
5) Eric Sauve’s Communities of Practice: Addressing Workforce Trends Through New Learning Models
6) One of my opinion columns, My Life as a Wikipedian
7 and 8) My interviews of Elliott Masie and Rich Mayer
9) Jay Cross, Tony O’Driscoll,and Eilif Trondsen wrote Another Life: Virtual Worlds as Tools for Learning
10) Karl Kapp’s review of Jane Bozarth’s E-learning Solutions on a Shoestring

Honorable mention goes to Clare Gill’s Confessions of a Neophyte Distance Learner and Full-Time Procrastinator and Stephen Downes’ Ten Web 2.0 Things You Can Do…

Just behind that, inexplicably, was Predictions for 2007, which was slightly more popular than Predictions for 2008. Of course, the new Predictions for 2009 wasn’t even out.


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